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Permit Process

Submit Applications Early

Applications for building permits would be submitted prior to the date you anticipate commencing work. Permit applications are reviewed weekly at the Associations office on Thursdays at 10:00am. If you are applying for an addition permit or a major remodel, permits would need to be submitted no later than the Thursday before a monthly board meeting as they need to be approved by the Board at a board meeting. 

Read Your Restrictions Carefully

Before completing the application, read the Restrictions applicable to your property to see if the improvement you propose is permitted. A full copy of the restrictions is available for download under CC&Rs or by contacting the office. If you are a new homeowner you are mailed a booklet along with the new homeowners packet upon HACH being notified of your presence.


The application itself is self-explanatory and should be fully completed. The plans and specifications which must be submitted with your application, shall meet the following requirements:


A. Plans shall be neatly drawn, fully dimensioned and include the following:
  1. Plot or building site plan showing exact location of existing location of exiting structures and proposed improvements drawn to scale.
  2. Drawings of proposed improvements shall be to scale and show:
a. For buildings or additions; all exterior elevation views and floor plans;
b. For fences, walls, etc.; at least the elevation views.

B. Specifications may be included on the drawing and shall indicate;
  1. All exterior materials, and
  2. Exterior color scheme
Important Note

Be sure your plans and specifications contain the required information and are legible so as to avoid any delays in obtaining your permit. If approved, the plans and specifications, together with your application will be deposited in the permanent records of H.A.C.H. Your approval, permit and application will be mailed to you. Opposition of neighbors does not necessarily mean that your project will not be approved. Lack of opposition does not mean the Association will approve it.  Permit applications are reviewed weekly at the Association office on Thursdays at 10:00am.