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Temporary Use of Parking Vehicle on Lawn

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Temporary Use of Vehicle on Lawn


Article III (h) of the Association CC&Rs restricts the placing, parking or maintenance of vehicles specifically to fully-enclosed structures, carports or approved driveways on the property, but allows the Board of Directors to approve other locations.

Tualatin Valley Water District/Clean Water Services recommends parking the car on the lawn when washing it at home, to conserve water and reduce runoff.

The goal of this policy is to define the conditions for Board approval for this activity, as well as others that may require parking on the lawn (e.g. loading or unloading landscaping materials), while otherwise maintaining the Association restriction of parking vehicles on approved surfaces.



Access to the lawn or yard area must be open to normal vehicle travel (e.g. lawn next to driveway or roadway). Driving over the curb or sidewalk is not permitted. Not all properties will be able to support this requirement and therefore will not be able to utilize this policy.

Time Limit:

A vehicle is permitted to be parked on the lawn (or yard) for the amount of time necessary to complete the task (two hours is considered a reasonable limit for washing the car, unloading a pickup, etc.) and must then be moved back to an approved parking surface. Extended time is considered a violation.


Adopted by Board of Directors

Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills,     

Date: January 12, 2016