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Street Tree Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Street Trees –Removal and Planting


1.      The Association wishes to enforce the Restriction (Article III (g)(2) which states that yards shall be attractively landscaped and maintained in a neat and orderly manner, free of weeds and debris.

2.      The Association wishes to encourage an attractive street scape in our neighborhoods.


Removal of street trees in the planting strip between sidewalk and street requires an Association permit. Washington County has an interest in plantings in its right-of-way along the street, and encourages the proper planting of approved trees (street trees can provide pleasing aesthetics, assist in storm water and pollution management as well as provide shade, oxygen and habitat for local birds). Removing trees in the right-of-way may be necessary for several reasons, but the intent should be to replace the old tree with a new one. The stump of the old tree should be removed, if possible, either by digging it out or grinding it to below ground level.

Planting of street trees requires an Association permit (use the same permit as above, if replacing an old tree with a new one). Street/parking-strip plantings outside of street trees are generally part of normal landscaping and do not require Association permits. Street trees are more permanent and so must be planted according to Washington County standards. See the approved/not-approved lists available.


Call Before You Dig” –Utility Notification Center –8-1-1. It is important to locate gas and water lines, etc. before you grind or dig out a stump.

Approved Street Tree Lists– Beaverton, Metro and Washington County all have “approved” street tree lists. Since they’re all our neighbors, all of the lists can provide good guidance as to which trees are good for the area, and which trees are to be avoided. Please contact the Association office if you need printed copies of resource information.

Beaverton Approved Street Tree list: Beaverton’s list is alphabetic, organized by width of planting area and presence of power lines. It also includes identification of native trees: http://www.beavertonoregon.gov/DocumentCenter/View/4881

Washington County Street Tree list: Washington County’s list is less extensive and less detailed than Beaverton’s, but includes a list of trees not approved. Many trees have attributes that are inappropriate for use along streets and/or sidewalks: root size and direction of travel, branch spread, fruit development, etc.  Be sure to check this list before choosing a tree: http://www.co.washington.or.us/LUT/Divisions/CurrentPlanning/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile&pageid=172136

Washington County Roadside Vegetation rules: http://www.co.washington.or.us/lut/divisions/operations/upload/roadsidevegetation.pdf

Portland Parks Street Tree lists: Portland’s list is a web site organized by width of planting strip and presence of power lines. Each list contains information about height, canopy spread and special features of the tree (flowers, fall color, evergreen, etc.): 



The permit application should include the following:

·         Described location of tree(s) to be removed and/or planted.

·         Site plan of the property, with dimensions, showing location of tree(s) to be removed/planted and whether or not any power lines are involved.

·         Identification of new tree(s) and approval list used (e.g. Washington County Street Tree List).

·         If removing and not replacing, an explanation of why. Examples of why a tree may not be appropriate to replace:

o   Ensuring street site-lines at corner houses

o   Reducing density of existing street trees planted too close to each other, or too close to drainage, utilities, driveways, etc.

Removing a large street tree can affect the neighborhood through the need to close the street for safety. Be sure you (or your tree removal service provider) check with Washington County before you try to take down a large tree. You may need a County permit, as well. The Association permit does not provide approval from the county.

Date: 1/14/14
Approved by Board of Directors
Homes Association of Cedar Hill,                                                        Mark Swan, President

PDF of Street Tree Policy Here