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Solar Panel Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Board Policy

Passive/Active Solar Panels

  1. Encourage the use of alternative energy sources in Association homes.
  2. Comply with State of Oregon protection of homeowners’ rights to install solar-based systems, while maintaining the Association’s rights to approve installation aesthetics.
  3. Encourage use of industry/State agency resources, to the advantage of both the homeowner and the Association:

  1. Appearance:
  • Normal industry standards (e.g. panel groupings, connections, alignment) are to be used in installations of solar-based systems.
  • Wiring/plumbing for roof-mounted systems should be through the attic when possible. External conduit/piping should be painted to color-match the house, or painted black, when on the roof, to match the panels.
  • Panels are preferred to be mounted at roof-pitch, at minimal standoff (4 to 6 inches). Panels may be mounted with a slight tilt if required to meet Energy Trust production standards, but only the minimum amount of tilt that will produce the required output and only with the approval of the board of directors.


  1. Association Building Permit: A building permit issued by the Association is required prior to installation of any solar energy system. The permit application should include:
    • A site plan, drawn to scale with dimensions noted, indicating the location of the house on the lot site and placement of electric or thermal panels (e.g. location on the roof). A (satellite) photograph of the property with the location of the panels outlined or superimposed may be used.
    • A copy of the installation proposal produced by a solar-certified contractor (Energy Trust requires this to be a Solar Trade Ally Contractor to qualify for any incentives).
    • Roof color sample, if the roof is to be replaced as part of the solar panel installation (not required if roof is not to be changed).
  2. Jurisdictional Permit: County permits for electrical/plumbing changes are the responsibility of the homeowner (and usually included as part of a professional installation

Date: 9/11/12; Revised 1/10/17
Policy adopted by
Board of Directors
Homes Association of Cedar Hills, Mark Swan, President                                             

PDF Solar Panel Policy Here