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Signage Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Approved Signage


In order to maintain an attractive neighborhood, the Association’s Restrictions prohibit any sign or advertising device of any character from being placed or erected on any lot or building site within the Association with certain specified exceptions: 

1.       Article VII (a)(1) –(6) specifies certain signs which are excepted from the general sign restrictions; and

2.      Article VII (a)(7) gives the Board discretion from time to time to except other signs, in addition to those specified above, from the general sign restrictions by adopting written requirements for such other permissible signs.

It is the goal of this policy to list the types of sign allowed by Restriction as exceptions to the general restriction (as referred to in item 1 above), to attach hereto for easy reference a copy of the specific requirements for such excepted signs, and to adopt written requirements for certain other signs which the Board elects to except from the general sign restrictions pursuant to item 2 above.


Any of the following signs which meet all the specific requirements set forth in Article VII (a)(1) –(6) (a copy of which is attached hereto as an exhibit) are exceptions to the general sign restrictions set forth in Article VII (a) of the Association’s Restrictions and cannot be changed without an affirmative vote of the membership:

·         For Sale/For Rent

·         Security system decals

·         Neighborhood Watch

·         Block Home

·         Security System

·         Political lawn signs

·         Traffic warning

·         Vehicle “For sale

Pursuant to Article VII (a)(7), the Board excepts the following signs from the general sign restriction of Article VII (a) applicable to each residence within the Association provided such signs meet the requirements as specified below:

Temporary signs:

·         Event signs:  One temporary (one day) sign (may be double-sided “sandwich board”), indicating an event local to the home, such as “Garage/Estate Sale”, “Birthday Party”, etc. is allowed provided that the sign is not placed on any neighbor’s property without first obtaining that neighbor’s permission and provided that the sign is removed by the end of the day of the event.

 ·     Free signs:  One temporary sign (one day) placed on a item set in front of a residence offered to the public for free is allowed. The neighborhood restriction of “neat and attractive” applies to “free” items left at the street and such sign and items may not be left at the street overnight or for multiple days.

 ·      Contractor Identification (advertising) sign:  One sign at a residence, of a size not to exceed 18” by 24” is permitted only during the time the contractor is actively working at the property on permitted work.  For example, the general contractor for a modification to a home can display its company identifying sign at the property during the time the contractor is actively working on the project, but must remove the sign when the work is complete. An Association permit must also be displayed during this time.

Permanent signs:

 ·      Beware of Dog sign:  One warning sign stating “Beware of Dog” is allowed provided it is of a size typical of such signs and is either commercially produced or otherwise of similar quality.

 ·      No Soliciting sign:  One standard sign stating “No Soliciting” is allowed provided it is of a size typical of such signs and is either commercially produced or otherwise of similar quality.

 ·      Metro Pesticide Free (Lady Bug) sign:  the Association supports Metro’s efforts to reduce pesticide use in the area. One Metro Pesticide Free (Lady Bug) sign is allowed.

The Board retains the right to amend or revoke any or all of the temporary or permanent signs which it allows by the above policy adopted pursuant to Article VII (a)(7).

Adopted by Board of Directors

Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills,    

Date: _12/9/14_____________