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RV Permit Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Temporary Use of
RV/Utility Trailers, Other Restricted Items


The goal of the RV/Utility Trailer Policy is to provide the method by which HACH homeowners may temporarily park otherwise restricted vehicles on their property (or adjacent streets), while complying with Article III (h) of the Association CC&Rs.

Use of a utility trailer for hauling requires that it be parked at the property while being loaded or unloaded. Use of an RV typically involves loading and unloading, cleaning and other maintenance activities. This policy supports those basic actions.

Homeowners may have temporary need to use other items restricted by Article III (h) (canopies, tents, inoperable/unlicensed vehicles, etc.). This Board policy supports that use, but the overriding goal is to maintain the neat and attractive appearance of the neighborhood.


The restriction against the parking of commercially designed or marked vehicles at the property (Article III (h)) remains in effect, except as incidental to a separately approved building permit. For example, a contractor vehicle parked at the property during permitted construction/remodeling would be an approved use, while parking a homeowner’s work van in the driveway overnight would not be approved.

The restriction against using RVs of any kind at the property for sleeping purposes (Article III (h)) remains in effect, regardless of the permission granted to park a vehicle at the property.

 24 Hour Courtesy:

  • Utility / travel trailers and other RVs may be parked at the property “overnight” by notifying the office (phone or email). This option is limited to a single night in a row and is not intended to be extended by calling each following day. Multiple-day-in-row parking requires a written permit (see below). A single notification call can be used for begin-of-trip and end-of-trip parking requirements. Habitual use of the 24 hour courtesy (e.g. multiple times in a week, or every weekend during the summer) is considered a violation. Please consider using the “other use permits” process below.

3 Day Permit:

  • An Association permit, approved by Association office staff, is required. The permit helps communicate to the neighbors the planned use of the vehicle in the neighborhood. Signatures of the neighbors most affected will be the most significant (you may not need the signature of the neighbor who cannot see the vehicle from their house). The permit allows up to 3 days for vehicle maintenance, loading, etc. Parking longer than three days requires an “other use” permit (see below). Habitual use of 3 day permits (e.g. every weekend during the summer, or renewing every 3 days during an extended project) is discouraged. Please consider using the “other use permits” process below.
Other Use Permits:

 An Association permit, approved by members of the Board of Directors (at permit committee or full Board meetings), is required to:

  • Park utility/travel trailers or RVs at the property for longer than 3 days. (For example, a utility trailer could be approved for a construction or yard project that takes a week.)
  •  Park travel trailers or RVs at the property for short periods on a recurring basis. (For example, Friday night load, Sunday night unload, every two weeks during the summer.) Regular use of the item without an approved permit is considered a violation.
  •  Park vehicles or items otherwise restricted and listed in Article III (h) at the property for any length of time. (For example, a canopy could be approved to temporarily protect construction materials or for use during a special event on the property.) Planned length of use is required information. Use of the item beyond the approved length of time is considered a violation.

Adopted by Board of Directors

Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills,     

Date: ____7/14/15__________

 PDF of RV/Utility Trailer Policy Here

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