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Portable Basketball Structures

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Portable Basketball Structures


1.      Association policy shall be consistent with the Washington County Development Code and Development standards, county Transportation and Maintenance Department and other jurisdictional authority but may be more restrictive.

2.      To allow homeowners to use portable basketball equipment while keeping the space between the street and the front of the home open and attractive by requiring the equipment to be stored when not in use.

3.      To encourage the feeling of a family neighborhood while discouraging the unsafe practice of playing in the street.

4.      To keep sidewalks safe and free of obstructions by prohibiting placement of anything, even temporally, on the sidewalk.


Portable Equipment Defined: Sports equipment that is not permanently mounted to the ground and is movable without tools or special knowledge.

Limitations:  One basketball backboard is permitted on each home site.

Location: a basketball backboard is to be located in the front or side yard only if there is no suitable location in the rear yard.  Note:  The Association does not approve the placement of any play equipment within the county right –of way nor does it bare any liability for injury or loo resulting from the use of portable equipment placed in the right of way.  The homeowner shall bare all legal responsibility for the equipment at all times and holds the Association harmless from any claim or loss.

When Not in Use: Portable basketball hoops are not to be lift on driveways, sidewalks, streets or in landscaped areas when not being used.  Equipment in the front yard is to be for u se at the driveway (not the street) and shall be moved to the side yard, garage or other similar locations when not being used.

Association Permit Required: A building permit issued by the Association is required prior to using a portable basketball hoop.  The permit shall be submitted with a site plan indicating the location of the house and property lines dimensionally, including any fencing, patios, driveways, walkways, or other site features and indicated the proposed location of the proposed basketball hoop

Date: 02/2005
Approved by
Board of Directors
Homes Association of Cedar Hills                                                     Nabil Kanso, President

Get the Portable Basketball Structures PDF here