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Parking Strip Landscape Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Parking Strip Landscaping Policy


The Association wishes to enforce the Restriction (Article III (g)(2) which states that yards shall be attractively landscaped and maintained in a neat and orderly manner, free of weeds and debris.

The Association wishes to acknowledge homeowners’ rights to landscape their yards in their own way, while acknowledging the community’s interest in having an attractive neighborhood. Both interests come into play with landscaping of the parking strip.


The Restrictions limit the contents of the parking strip to:
  • Trees, shrubs and other plantings – maintained to height, spacing and density as may be required by the Association.
  • Commonly use landscaping materials (e.g. gravel, rock, railroad ties, lumber) if permitted by the Association (and Washington County).

Board guidelines for contents of the parking strip:
  • The board’s policy of minimum % vegetation (currently 70%) in the front yard also affects the parking strip. 
  • Hardscape (bark, rock, etc.) should be used as accents, not as the sole covering.
  • Plantings and associated hardscape should not impede waking on the sidewalk or opening car doors parked on the street.
  • The strip is to be maintained in a “neat and attractive” and “weed free” manner.


  1. Removing or replacing a street tree requires a permit – see the separate Street Tree policy.
  2. Removing or replacing the entire parking strip landscaping requires a permit. Submit the application with a site plan, drawn to scale, showing the proposed design, including hardscape design and planting layout.
  3. Updating or replacing plants or accent materials does not require an Association permit.
  4. A permit may be required from Washington County if cement walkways are intended as part of the landscape plan for the parking strip. The homeowner is responsible for procuring any required jurisdictional permits.

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Approved by
Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Board of Directors
Mark Swan, President
July 12, 2016