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Front Yard Garden Box

Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Board Policy
Front Yard Garden Box


  1. The Association wishes to enforce the Restriction (Article III (g)(2) which states that yards shall be attractively landscaped and maintained in a neat and orderly manner, free of weeds and debris.
  2. The Association wishes to provide homeowners an alternative to conventional ways of achieving their gardening desires.


 1. Approval:

 a.  An Association permit is required for front yard garden boxes. Because garden boxes are considered “Hardscape”, there will be limitations as to the size and number of boxes permitted, depending on the lot size:  The Association currently requires at least 70% vegetation in front yards.

 b. Garden boxes are to be located outside the County right-of-way. Exceptions to this may be approved by the Association if the following are met:

  • The boxes are harmonious with the main landscaping of the front yard.
  • The boxes do not impede normal use of the right-of-way (e.g. a door of a parked car is able to open without damage).
  • The owner acknowledges removal of the boxes in the right-of-way may be requested by the County.

  c. The Association can require removal of the garden box if not maintained in a neat &  attractive manner.

  d. Along with the Association permit application, the applicant must submit a site plan drawn to scale, showing placement of the boxes in relation with the property lines and setbacks (dimensions/distances noted).

  e.The plan must include a description of the box(es), including details such as size, height and materials used to construct them. If using a commercial kit, a photo or brochure of the finished product may be included.

  f. This submittal must include an explanation for their use and what type of proposed plantings.

 2. Garden boxes:

  a.  Materials need to be weather resistant (e.g. cedar with coated fasteners)

  b.  Maximum dimensions for an individual box is 4’ wide by 8’ long by 15” high.

  c.  2 boxes are allowed.

  d.  Additional boxes may be approved by the Board depending on the following influencing factors:

  • Size of yard
  • Total square footage of boxes
  • History of homeowner maintaining previously approved boxes

  e. Additional height of boxes may be approved by the Board depending on the following   influencing factors:

  • Size of yard
  • Total square footage of boxes
  • Other factors specific to the property: e.g. slope of property, adjacency to non-Association property, busyness of street, etc.

 3. Appearance:

    a. All garden boxes:

  • Must be constructed and finished in a professional manner (e.g. square corners etc.)
  • Must be installed level.
  • Must remain in “neat & attractive” condition.
  • Must be kept weed free.

    b. Garden areas around boxes are to be kept neat, tools removed, no composing refuse,     etc.

     c. Garden boxes must have something growing year ‘round:

  • The expectation is a new planting will be planted once a harvest or season is over.
  • Not every plant will be appropriate; e.g. corn should be grown in the back yard.

Adopted by Board of Directors, Mark Swan President
Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Amended, October 11, 2016 

PDF Front yard garden box policy here