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Ground Mounted Flagpole

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Ground Mounted Flagpole


  1. Association policy shall be consistent with the Federal law and Washington County Development Code and Development standards but may be more restrictive.
  2. Locations approved must meet front yard maintenance requirements, County easements and Association easements (5 feet at all side and rear property lines) which are open for landscaping and free from obstructions.


  1. Building Mounted Flagpoles:  flag poles mounted to the house and projecting out from the house at an angle (not vertical) shall be excluded from the permit process, and are not to be considered to the provisions of this policy.
  1. Limitations:  One flagpole is permitted per residential home site.  Flags may only be displayed from dawn until dusk.
  1. Location:  Flagpoles shall not be located within the Association’s 5 foot side or rear yard easements or within any of the County’s rights of ways.  Preferred location shall be as close to the house a possible.
  1. Flagpole Specifications: 
a.    The flagpole shall be residential in character (height and diameter). 
b.    Flagpoles shall not exceed twenty (20) feet in height. 
c.    Flagpoles shall not exceed 3 inches in diameter.
d.    The flagpole shall be finished with a factory applied finish.
e.    The flag and pole must not cause a nuisance for neighbors; i.e., the ropes holding           the flag banging against the pole.
  1. Flag Specifications:  The size of the flag shall be proportional to the pole diameter and height.  Example; a 2 inch diameter pole, 20 feet in height shall be limited to a 3’x 5’ flag.
  1. Association Permit Required: 
a.    A permit approved by the Association is required prior to the installation of any           ground mounted flagpole. 
b.    The permit shall be submitted indicating the location of the pole with relation to           the house and property lines. 
c.    The application must also include specifications that describe the appearance,               height, diameter, color or finish. Documentation may be a photo along with a               written description as provided by the manufacturer or other graphic                             representation.

Date: 2/12/13
Adopted by Board of Directors
Homes Association of Cedar Hills,                                                     Mark Swan, President

PDF Ground Mounted Flagpole Policy Here