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Ground Level Slabs

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Ground Level Slabs and/or Decks in the Front Setback


  • To be consistent with or more restrictive than the Washington County Development code and Development standards (zoning, setbacks).
  • To limit the visual impact of decks and slabs from the street while enabling the homeowner’s use of front yard space.
  • To define limits of ground level slab use, to be consistent with Article VI of the Association’s Restrictions.



  •  Per the Association’s Restrictions, front yard slabs or decks will be “adjacent to the house” and “no closer to the street than one half the setback distance”. This keeps the streetscape open and makes the deck or slab part of the house living area.
  • Per Board policy, the width of the slab or deck area is limited to one half of the width of the street-face of the house after subtracting the width of any driveway. For example: if the house is 50 ft wide and the driveway is 20 ft wide, half of the remaining width of 30 ft can be used for a front slab/deck up to 15 ft wide.
  • The slab/deck may be placed anywhere along the adjacent face of the house. Walkways may be used to connect it to the front porch, driveway, etc., as required.
  • Corner houses, because they have two street-side setbacks, may be allowed a slab/deck on either (or both) street-side of the house.


  • “Slab” patios can be made of poured concrete or set paver blocks. Other materials must be capable of ground contact and must be specifically approved by the Board.
  • Decks must be built of standard weather resistant decking materials, installed to avoid direct ground contact.


  • Coverings (e.g. permanent awnings, roofs, etc.) are not allowed on any portion of the deck or slab within the setback (i.e. no extension of the porch covering is allowed forward of the setback).
  • Any fencing or railings will comply with current front yard fencing policy.
  • Decorative trellises can be incorporated in the design of the slab/deck, keeping current fencing policy in mind (see item above).
  •  “Neat and attractive” restrictions apply and the area is to be kept free of weeds and debris.
  • Slabs or decks are considered hard-scape for landscaping purposes (and computation of “majority” green in the front yard).


A building permit issued by the Association is required prior to the installation of any front yard slab or deck. The submitted permit will include a site plan, drawn to scale, indicating:

  • the location of the house, driveway and any existing walkways, patios, etc.
  •  all property lines, including setbacks
  •  any fencing, railings, etc.

 Board Approval Required:

Front yard slabs or decks must be reviewed and approved by a quorum of the Board of Directors (either at a regularly scheduled meeting, or during a permit review meeting).

Jurisdictional Permit Required:

For a slab/deck requiring a jurisdictional permit, the applicant shall provide the Association with a copy of the approved permit(s) for their file prior to commencement of work, if approved by the Association.


Approved by
Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Board of Directors
Mark Swan, President
June 13, 2017