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Government & Non-Profit Vehicles

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Government and Non-Profit Vehicles

Goals:  To establish procedures and policies applicable to requests to, and determinations by, the Board of Directors of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills regarding vehicles designed, used, or marked for purposes of a government or non-profit organization pursuant to Article III (h) of the Association’s Restrictions.

Policy:  Any person who wants to request approval from the Board to park a vehicle that is principally designed, used, or marked for purposes of a government or non-profit organization, but which otherwise complies with the restrictions imposed by Article III(h), on a Lot upon special terms pursuant to the last sentence of Article III (h) must apply for a permit in the manner specified below.

Permit:  Any such permit application shall be made by completing and submitting to the Association’s the Association’s ‘APPLICATION FOR GOVERNMENT OR NON-PROFIT VEHICLE PARKING PERMIT’ form (which form is available at the Association’s office or on the Association’s web site:  http://www.cedarhillshoa.org/policies/permits/permit-forms) including, without the limitation, the requirement of receiving adjacent neighbors’ signatures.  The application must include a clear statement of the reason for the request, a description of the vehicle including all pertinent details (type, model, size, color etc.) of the vehicle, a photograph of the vehicle, and an explanation as to why parking the vehicle at the Lot would be beneficial for the organization or its agent or employee.

Upon receipt of a properly submitted application for such a permit, the Board will consider the request in light of the factors specified in Article III (h) and may, but is not required to, grant such a permit upon such terms and conditions as it may impose in accordance with Article III (h).  The Board intends that granting of such permits will ordinarily be for a fixed period of time and that if an extension of any permit given for a fixed period of time is desired that an application for a permit for the extended period must be made.

Permit Application for Government or Non-profit Vehicle Parking Here

 Adopted by Board of Directors

Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills,    

Date: _12/9/14_____________