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Garbage Containers & Woodpile Screening

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Garbage/Recycling/Yard Container & Firewood Piles


  1.  To ensure that garbage, recycling and green waste (hereafter referred to as garbage) containers and wood piles are reasonably screened from view, as specified in Article III (g) (5) of the restrictions, from any street bordering the building site and not stored in front of the house; and
  2. To ensure that garbage cans will be “put away” except during periods they are permitted to be placed ready for pickup.


  1. On many properties in the Association, having a garbage container and/or wood pile fully screened from the street is not practical.
  2. Garbage containers, when “put away” should be completely behind or enclosed by a screening fence or structure. If a few inches of a garbage can and/or wood pile can be viewed from the street through, above or around a fence or screen, this is considered acceptable.
  3. Suitable screening is at least as high as the largest container screened and can include:
  • Fence slats – solid fencing preferred
  • Pickets – open space between pickets should be kept to a minimum
  • Chain link (cyclone) fencing – only if fence slats are used to block the view through the fence
    4. Seeing a substantial portion of a garbage container or wood pile is not                       acceptable. For example, if a garbage container is behind a fence and is                   screened from direct view but sides of the garbage container are visible from           different angles on the street, this will not be considered adequate screening.
    5.  Note: Temporary screening, such as a vehicle or a deciduous shrub or
        bush, is not considered acceptable screening for a garbage can and/or wood
        pile. Also, a cyclone fence without slats by itself is not adequate screening.
    6.  An Association permit is required to construct the screening noted above.


Adopted by Board of Directors                                                                                    Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills,    

Date: July 8, 2014; Revised: 12/10/19

Garbage Container/Woodpile Screen Policy Here