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Garage/Estate/Yard Sale Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Garage/Estate/Yard Sale Policy


1. The Association wishes to enforce the Restrictions:  Article III (a) – properties shall be used as “single family residences” except for “instruction in the arts” and “child care services”; Article III (d) – prohibition to create or maintain an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

2. The Association acknowledges that homeowners may occasionally wish to hold a sale of used household goods on their property and wishes to define limits on such activity consistent with surrounding municipalities as well as a method to manage exceptions to those limits, when needed.



A garage/yard/estate sale is a noncommercial on-premises sale of used household goods by a person who resides on the premises, or someone acting as an agent of that person (e.g. estate sale company).  Multiple families may combine efforts at a single property but bringing in “outside” stock for sale is not permitted.


Homeowners are limited to two sales per calendar year, the duration of which is limited to three consecutive days in a week (e.g. Friday through Sunday). Participation of the HACH sponsored “garage sale” in July does not count toward the total. Exceptions to this limit may be addressed in Permitting, below.


Please refer to the separate signage policy for details, Signs should not be placed on other people’s property without their permission. Signs not retrieved when the sale is over will be considered a violation of the policy.


Any sale outside of the above Frequency/Duration limits must be pre-approved by the Permit Committee. Use the standard permit application, complete with neighbor signatures adjacent to and across from the property, to state the reason an exception should be permitted. Exceptional sales without an approved permit will be considered a violation of the policy.

Policy PDF Here

Approved & Adopted by Board of Director

Mark Swan, President

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

August 14, 2018