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Car Cover Policy

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Car Cover Policy


  1. The Association wishes to enforce the Restriction (Article III (g)(2) which states that properties shall be maintained in an attractive and neat condition.
  2. The Association wishes to enforce the Restriction (Article III (h)(1) which states that inoperable vehicles, including those not currently registered with DMV, shall not be stored on an Association property unless enclosed in a structure (garage).
  3. The Association wishes to acknowledge that some homeowners may need to protect a particular vehicle from the environment by use of a cover.


  1. Appearance:
  1. Car covers must be a commercial-quality product in a muted color and in good repair, sized as appropriate for covering the vehicle or part of vehicle intended (e.g. the cover may be intended to cover only the top/window portion of the vehicle).
  2. Non-fitted tarps are not permitted.
  3. The covered vehicle must be parked in the driveway of the property, not parked in the street.
  4. The cover may not be used to hide a violation of the Restrictions (expired licensing, commercial markings, etc.).
2.  Permit:
  1. Temporary use of a cover for up to two weeks is permitted as a “courtesy”, by contacting the office.
  2. Long term use of a cover (more than two weeks, up to one year) requires a permit submitted to the office, including a copy of the latest vehicle registration. Permit expires in one year or upon vehicle registration expiration, whichever comes first.
  3. The permit may be renewed annually.
  4.  Permit may be revoked at any time for non-compliance of this policy.



Approved by the
Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Board of Directors
October 10, 2017
Mark Swan, President