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Approved Parking Surface

Homes Association of Cedar Hills

Board Policy

Approved Parking Surfaces


To define the materials that may be used on all properties, which are part of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills, to park road going vehicles upon.



  1. All surfaces (Driveways and parking areas) will comply with the relevant Washington County codes, check the following web sites for current requirements:
Or check out the Community Development Code – CDC at the following web site and search for “Driveways”:
2.  Surfaces will comply with the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (Article V (a) (1)) which states “under no circumstances may gravel be used for a driveway or parking surface”, additionally parking surfaces will not consist of grass (except when cleaning see “Temporary Use of Vehicle on Lawn” policy), turf pavers, soil, or other non-solid surface.

3.   Surfaces may be constructed of asphalt, concrete, and masonry type pavers/blocks or similar materials within keeping for the area.
  1. Written approval from the Association is required for all parking surface repairs or construction.
  2. All permit submissions must be accompanied by a plan site drawing showing dimensions of the property boundaries, the position of the house and other structures relative to the boundaries giving existing and/or proposed parking surface position relative to the property boundaries and house position.
  3. The owner is responsible for locating all property lines.


Approved by
Homes Association of Cedar Hills
Mark Swan, President
Board of Directors
June 13, 2017