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Advance Registration

June 9 Emergency Online Board Meeting

Advanced registration required to attend the May online board meeting.

Because Oregon statute doesn’t allow us to have a regular board meeting online, we have to officially treat the meeting as an “Emergency Board Meeting” which does allow us to have the meeting online.

At the emergency board meeting that was held on April 1, the Board voted to replace the “regular” board meeting with an “emergency meeting”. The meeting will be held at the regular time with the executive session starting at 5:30pm and the business session starting at 7pm.

The executive session will be held as a private Zoom meeting. As is usual, the executive session is only open to the board and legal counsel. The business session will be held as a “Zoom Webinar”. We are trying the webinar function of Zoom because it has the security settings that should protect us from various issues that have been in the news regarding public online meetings. We also need to practice with the technology should we need to hold the annual meeting later this year online, as is a strong possibility.
To attend the business portion of the meeting (the part of the meeting that homeowners normally attend), you will need to register for the meeting prior to the meeting start. To register use the link below. You will be asked for your name, email address, and Association property address. Please provide your accurate property address as we will use it for the “sign in sheet”. After registering Zoom will email you a unique link that will let you into the meeting.

Topic: HACH June 9 Emergency Board Meeting

Register in advance for this webinar: Link will post a few days prior to the meeting.

Agenda for June 9 Emergency Meeting: Agenda will post prior to the meeting