Get Involved

Whether you are interested in serving on the Board, volunteering for one of the association events, or just becoming more informed, there are a variety of ways to get involved in the Homes Association of Cedar Hills (H.A.C.H).  Being involved is a great way to meet your neighbors and creates a stronger community for us all. 

     Read the Newsletters:

  • The newsletters are the main communication to H.A.C.H members and are published four times a year. Subjects are selected to be included in the newsletter because they may be of interest to or concern a majority of members.  A quick glance through the newsletter may provide you with information that is helpful to you.
  • If there are subjects you would like to see included in the newsletter, please let the Board know your ideas either by contacting the office or attending the monthly board meetings.


  • The voting packet is mailed out prior to the annual meeting.  It includes a proxy as well as a description of any proposed amendments, and statements for individuals running for Board positions.  You can submit your proxy by mail; drop it off at the office or at the Annual Meeting in May.  If you want to see changes, make sure to vote on what is important to you.

Attend the Annual Meeting:

  • H.A.C.H’s annual meeting takes place on the 2nd Tuesday in May. 
  • If there are resolutions on the ballot, they are presented and discussed.  Board member elections also take place at this time, and individuals running for board membership have a chance to make a statement and respond to questions. Election results are announced once the ballots are counted at the end of the annual meeting.
  • Information on resolutions and board candidate statements are printed in the voting packet just prior to the annual meeting.  While you can submit your proxy by mail or by dropping off at the office. Many members choose to come to the annual meeting to listen to the presentations and discussions before voting.

Volunteer for H.A.C.H. Events: 

    • H.A.C.H events provide an opportunity to get involved for a day or just a few hours.  A great way to meet some of your Cedar Hills neighbors.
  • Fourth of July Parade
  • Spring or Fall Cleanup

     Attend monthly board meetings:

  • Board meetings held in the office occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  • The board meets with legal counsel for an executive session starting at 6 PM which is generally completed by 7pm which is when open session begins.  The meeting is open to all Association members. The agenda for the meeting is separated into several parts as listed below:

o   The first section is for members that have requested to be placed on the agenda ahead of time for a specific topic.

o   The second section is an opportunity for members that have received final violation notices the opportunity to be heard before a fine is imposed.

o   The third section is an opportunity for members in attendance to give input.  In the interest of time, comment time is limited per member.

o   The final section is when the Directors talk amongst themselves about varies issues. Attending members may be solicited by the Board for their input, but generally this portion of the meeting for Board discussion only.

Joining the Board of Directors:

  •  If you are looking to become more involved, and willing to make a longer commitment, you may want to run for a Director position.  There are seven director positions, and the commitment is for two years.  Positions rotate for election each year:  Four every other year, and three every other year.
  •  How do you get on the Board?  You need to have 10 nominations from fellow property owners, and write a personal statement that is included in the voting packet, as to why you would like to serve on the Board.  The petition form for is available in the office and needs to be submitted by no later than the April board meeting to be included in the printing & mailing.  You will also have an opportunity to introduce yourself and take questions from members at the annual meeting.
  • What does a Board member do?  See “What if I Want to be a Director” in the Spring 2015 Newsletter.
  • The best way to decide if this is for you is to attend a monthly board meeting & talk to board members.  You’ll get a feel for the work, and find out about the time commitment.