Tom Mineau Candidate Statement

Hi. My name is Tom Mineau, and I am running for a director position in our homeowner’s association.

I have lived in Cedar Hills for almost 10 years, and I have lived in the Cedar Mill area for much of my life.  I have watched the neighborhood grow and remain one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the area.  The Neighborhood Association has faced challenging times these past few years, and now is the perfect time for our friends and neighbors in the HOA to continue to grow, connect and explore ways that we can help one another when needed.   

I have recently retired, and I bring the level headedness that comes with my talents and skills to the table with my nomination.  I like to get to a solution through abiding by the guidelines which we all have, and to make decisions with consistency and deliberate continuity to ensure that the rules that we have in place are upheld in a way that is transparent and fair.  The complaints I have heard are that rules have been inconsistently applied to similar events, which leaves a bad feeling for those affected.  It is not that I will not be flexible; but each person in our HOA deserves to have decisions made in a just manner that does not allow for deviation on a case by case basis.  It is either the rule, and we enforce it, or it is not a rule, and we get rid of it. The HOAs job should be to help solve a homeowner’s issue and still maintain the integrity of the HOA rules, regulations, and policies. 

No one likes to get violation letters, so one of the things I hope to do to encourage our neighborhood to remain neat and attractive is to open communications for those homeowners that repeatedly get violation letters is to find what can be done to help those homeowners address the problem.  Maybe they do not know how to resolve the issue, or physically cannot resolve the issue...perhaps the HOA can provide assistance in helping.  The HACH Community Events Committee is a terrific start, and I hope that this will evolve into a very well used connection to help our friends and neighbors.  With COVID19, we have all been in staying at home a lot more, and I am sure that most of us have gotten to know our neighbors better, so let us keep that positive momentum going! 

We live in a great neighborhood...I have the time, energy, and ability to get involved and be a part of keeping Cedar Hills a wonderful place to call home. 

I would like to thank you in advance for your vote.


Tom Mineau