Tom Eldridge Candidate Statement

Statement of Thomas Eldridge

I am officially announcing my candidacy to join the HACH Board if Directors. Please join me in bringing a “COMMON SENSE” approach to the Board. I believe there is room for improvement for better member relations between the Board and all its members. In over 55 years as a resident of the HACH, I have never heard of such Chaos between the Board, their members and a small group of disrupters or agitators if you will.

I grew up here within the HACH, since 1965. I attended Cedar Hills Grade School, Cedar Park Jr. High, and Sunset High School and graduated from Southern Oregon University. I was on both the Planning and Acquisitions committees for the Schnieder Museum of Art at SOU, Ashland, Oregon. I ran the campus Art Gallery. My Father used to take me flying out of the Bernards Airport. I am now retired from the Oregonian Publishing Company. I owned and operated a Commercial Fishing Business in SW and SE Alaska for some 30 years. So, I am used to long hours and hard work.

There has been a lot of changes in 55 years, the construction on Hwy 217, widening of Hwy 26, but one thing is the same 2000 plus residents of the HACH.  We owe it to ourselves to elect a Board of Directors that will work for “ALL” residents, not their own self-interests, as well as with, not against other Board Members.  I will bring “Civility” to the Neighborhood.  Remember when each one of us invested into this HACH, we all agreed to the terms as written of our CCR’S.  If one doesn’t like it, we vote and change it or move. Please join me in my “COMMON SENSE” campaign to bring you a brighter relationship with our Board and the Neighborhood. We are all in this together.

I encourage each and every one of you to elect a lifelong resident who will work for “ALL” members of the HACH. I ask you for your Vote. I will work hard.  Thank you.

Thomas Arthur Eldridge