Steve Robinson Candidate Statement

Hello, my name is Steve Robinson, I am running for one of the Director positions.

I have six years of previous experience serving HACH.  It was rewarding and an honor, and I would like the opportunity to participate again. 

My background is in construction and permits.  I have been in the building industry for several decades and have a vast knowledge of the subject, enabling me to create solutions to some of the permit requests that may not initially meet the regulation criteria.  I also have many years of experience working for a large homebuilder in the area as a Warranty Customer Service Technician.  My position was to help mediate between the homeowner and the company.  That skill of working with both sides has become a valuable asset in helping work through the permit process for the homeowners in the area, and something I truly enjoyed doing.

This Association does have rules, regulations and restrictions and I believe that is why we have such a desirable neighborhood and why we have seen such steady increases in property values.  These are some of the reasons many of us bought into this neighborhood.  These rules are set to benefit every homeowner.  I am running again this term because I am concerned that this could be in jeopardy.  I want to help my neighbors in this community with their home improvement and remodeling projects while adhering to standards and regulations that have been established.

There have recently been a few in the community that want to overturn the longstanding regulations.  I am running for the Board again as this campaign concerns me.  We have an extremely desirable neighborhood with constantly rising property values and a pretty simple and very affordable Association.  I want to see things remain that way. 

We do have the ability to change outdated rules and regulations as long as the request goes through the proper channels.  While I served on the Board, there were several resolutions that were passed and updated to bring current some older rules and regulations.  Some examples are the ability, by request, to have your RV parked for a brief period for maintenance, cleaning, etc., the ability to store small water craft such as a canoe or kayak on your property as long as it is out of sight, and my personal favorite, the ability to wash your car on your lawn- to conserve water. 

If elected, I will help keep these standards in place while working to be flexible to allow for changes as the community brings up issues to vote on.  There are many different age groups in our association, and I would work to help accommodate the needs of all demographics.  I have always tried to be approachable and to use common sense and integrity.

In closing, it comes down to the fact I enjoy and value our community that I have called home for 20+ years, and I hope you do too. 

Please vote for me, Steve Robinson