Rex Wheeler Candidate Statement

My name is Rex Wheeler and I am asking for your vote so I can continue to represent you on the board.

I have lived and owned a home in HACH for 16 years and been in the Metro area for over 30 years.

Two years ago a couple of board members opted not to run. Historically when this happens, finding volunteers to run is difficult. I had made some positive contributions as a member and was asked by the Association to run. I was honored to be elected even though the election was uncontested.

Last year we had an unusually contentious election resulting in two board members, including the then President, being replaced. Officer positions are chosen by the board and I became the new President.

This year’s election is also shaping up to be contentious. There will likely be at least ten candidates for five positions which is a majority of the board. There is a group of folks that want to “replace the legacy board” which is interesting because in the last two years, a majority of the board has already been replaced. If you vote to remove the incumbents as a group, myself included, please be sure you understand the specific positions of the challengers.

In my year as President I am proud of the work I have done for the Association:

  • I have worked hard to build consensus and make sure that both the older and newer board members have an equal say during board meetings. If you have attended the meetings or read the minutes, you will find this evidenced in that nearly all the board decisions have had a high level of agreement between the board members.
  • I have worked with the board to correct ambiguities and inconsistencies in the bylaws relating to our election process. This is important because in years of contention it is prudent to be clear and explicit who the winners are.
  • I have led the organization during the Covid crisis by arranging for the office staff to work remotely; moving the board meetings online; getting our bylaws updated to allow an online annual meeting; working out the complicated details for a vote by mail election; and by ensuring that our permitting process continues to operate smoothly.

Going forward, if elected, I will continue to keep the organization on course and work with the board to make incremental changes as needed. I would like to update our website and make it possible for homeowners to opt into receiving routine communications via email. I would like to keep HACH as a low-touch HOA and keep our annual dues low.

This year we are allowing candidate statements to include a URL to a candidate web site. If items or questions come up during the campaign or the candidate forum, I will post my responses and additional information at