Pamela Fielder Candidate Statement

I have lived in the Association for over 20 years, and on the board for the last six. I have over 30 years of Business experience and 17 years of experience in Non-Profits. We live in a very desirable community and our current board is making great progress at continuing to evolve with better practices for the association and I would like to continue that effort.

In keeping our community, a great place for all, we need to consider the needs of everyone, single people, families, empty nesters, senior citizens and renters. We need a balance that considers everyone in the decisions we make that will affect us into the future. We have reached a critical juncture where there is a large group of homeowners who want to follow the rules, and a large group of homeowners who do not want to follow the rules. A regular board exercise is trying to make decisions that keep everyone in the HOA happy, while staying within the bounds of our Restrictions, to be fair to everyone. It cannot be a decision of the loudest group wins; it needs to be a practice of every opinion counts as we use this feedback to help move policies forward with the goal of making them more relevant to how we live today.

The current board has done an extremely good job of continuing to help evolve our policies forward, but we all still need to be good neighbors to each other and follow the rules that will keep our neighborhood a desirable place to live, and a welcoming community for all who choose to live here.

I have held the position of Secretary and currently am the Treasurer. The audit that was voted on at the Annual Meeting last year was recently completed. The audit came back with three recommendations that the HOA has acted upon, but most important, and as we expected, were no findings of fraud, waste or abuse in the completed audit. We will continue to do our annual review of accounting with our CPA at the end of each financial year. With the onset of COVID-19 and the effects it had on the HOA running the business this year it will be even more important to be diligent with our budget and finances next year.

In addition to the financial aspect of the HOA, I have also focused on community events and safe streets for our neighborhood. With the housing development at Cedar Hills Shopping center falling thru, we still need to be working closely with Washington County so we understand what is changing at the county level and how these changes will be affecting us as they move their projects forward.

My goal in being on the Board is to assist in the continuing growth of our community and help to improve the lives of those who live here, while bringing their voice forward.