Eva Maria Muecke Candidate Statement

Dear Neighbors,

I am a native German, naturalized U.S. citizen and have lived in California and Michigan before locating to Oregon in 2006. I purchased my property in the Cedar Hills area of the HACH in 2008. My decision to buy my home was driven by the many perks this neighborhood has to offer including a great school district, easy access to transit and freeways that connect this corner of the hood to other parts of the PDX metro, and pretty much every amenity I need within a 1-2 mile radius. These are all the reasons for why I find this area livable and why I intend to retire here. Please take a moment to consider what drew you to this neighborhood and/or why you decided to stay here. I dare to guess that many of us will have similar reasons as to why we live in this area and why we find this area so livable.

Livability is in fact a core concept that is considered by urban planners as they design communities. Furthermore, research has shed significant light on what factors draw people to a neighborhood and enhance the quality of life experienced by communities. It is of no surprise that the livability of a neighborhood has emerged as a major driver of property prices; although what defines livability may differ from community to community. So, how does our HOA and its governing rules fit into this concept?

The Articles of Incorporation [Article II (5)] of our HOA, in fact, states that it is up to the members of our association to define what our neighborhood looks like. This is why I propose that we move forward and focus on the factors that improve the quality of our neighborhood and their relationship to the concept of livability. To do so, however, it is essential for the governing board of our HOA to understand and respect the factors that enhance the quality of life of its members and interpret its governing rules accordingly.

MOVING FORWARD: My goal as a board member will be to explore what livability means to our community and how the HOA can be leveraged to make our community more livable.

How can I achieve this goal? I have advanced training in the sciences and worked with researchers at Portland State University and the University of Oregon, who explore these very issues. As a result, I can offer relevant experience and background to help guide the conversation with a focus on supporting and increasing the livability of our community and, by doing so, shifting the conversation to what unites us rather than what pulls us apart.

I hope that you share my vision for our HOA and give me the support to represent you. Thank you for your vote!

Eva-Maria Muecke