Chris Musolf Candidate Statement

Chris Musolf

I’ve lived in the Association for over 40 years and have been on the Board of Directors for the last nine.  I joined a Board that was working to improve communications, document policies and modernize some of our Restrictions, while retaining and protecting the basic character of our neighborhood.

Despite a movement by a small but vocal group to call into question the motivations, competency, and integrity of the Board, I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the years:  CC&R modifications, published policies written or updated, weekly processing of permits, newsletters published, surveys of the membership, efficiency considerations in running the business. This year has been especially difficult, with challenges due to COVID-19 – we’ve had to figure out how to meet remotely and update our bylaws to allow for a non-physical annual meeting.

The job of Board members is to represent their neighbors in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of our Association. I’ve enjoyed contributing my time and energy to our work and I hope you will allow me to continue to be a part of it.

Some thoughts, so you know where I stand:

Legacy Board – there is no legacy board. A legacy position is inherited or given. The 17 different individuals elected in the nine elections since I first ran for the board, have each been through the election process (in 6 of the last 10 elections, there were an equal number of positions and candidates). The legacy that does exist, however, is the set of Restrictions we all agreed to abide by when we purchased our houses, and that each board member has an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to support, enforce, and manage the changing thereof.

The court case – we’ve all heard about it, and many have an opinion about it. My opinion, based on my responsibilities to the Association, is that this is an unfortunate but necessary process. I recommend that you inform yourself by reading the court documents (all of them), before committing to an opinion.

Term limits – I’ve said it before: we already have term limits – they’re called elections. It seems a waste to me, to eliminate experienced individuals from running our Association just because they have experience. It also seems undemocratic to me to prevent someone from voting for their choice for director, simply because that person has done it before.

The (long awaited) audit – many different reasons combined to delay completion of the audit the membership voted to have performed, but the results are finally published. And the results show despite wild claims to the contrary, we have a well-run business. My congratulations go to the office manager, for providing the stability, continuity and accountability required to allow an ever-changing group of neighbors to be effective in setting policy and managing change.