Bill Long Candidate Statement


My name is Bill Long, and I just finished my first two-year term as one of your directors. I have a BS and an MBA from Portland State University. My wife and I have lived in HACH since 1974. During that time, we made many friends. Many of these friends who discussed our HOA wanted to know “what’s going on?” So, I ran for the board two years ago on a theme of ‘Transparency’

If you re-elect me, I will join in the implementation of owner-important items that our owners have requested in the past.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency! This is what our owners want.

·         Paperless: eMail communications to owners/renters/property managers/etc. (with option of USPS mail).

o   Like our utility companies do.

·         Documentation: Complete, detailed, online documentation of procedures, rules, and calendars.

o   This will be my highest priority

·         Transparency: Complete, detailed, online financial disclosure to owners.

o   Where are owners’ annual assessments going?

·         Legal: Use mediation and small claims to resolve violations and amounts due.

o   Reduce our legal budget from the current $60,000 to $5,000 per year.

·         Legal: Let owners vote to adopt ORS 94.

o   This is the 2002 Oregon HOA law which protects HOA owners from abusive boards. Sort-of-like the various tenant’s rights laws.

o   The law was not retroactive for an HOA established prior to 2002 without a vote of 75% of the owners.

·         Operational: Create committees which will benefit our owners (financial, legal, violations, management, operational, etc.).

o   This will end the ‘secrecy’ of past boards.

·         Communications: HACH will publish all HOA communications to all directors, owners, and committees.

·         Multiple Owner issues like Property Setbacks: Adjust HACH ‘property/fence/structure setbacks’ policy to match Washington County.

o   Washington County does not care if an owner puts in a sidewalk, shed, or Spa next to a fence if the owner understands that the item may need to be removed in the future.

·         Term limits: Perhaps 4-6 years in a lifetime. Retroactive.

o   This will allow more opportunities for owners to be involved.