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Annual Meeting & Election Update

Annual Meeting & Election Update - Notice of Emergency Board Meeting

Due to the logistical and personal challenges created by COVID-19 we plan to
postpone the annual meeting and election for three months.

While the board considered attempting to hold the meeting "online" in May,
we decided that we would be unable to work out and communicate the details
of how an online corporate meeting and election would occur in time for the
existing candidate filing deadline of April 14.

We will publish the details when we have them, but the current plan is that
if social distancing restrictions have been lifted, we will look to having
the meeting in a public venue. If social distancing is still in effect or we
are unable to secure a meeting place, we will hold the meeting online.
Either way, the deadline for board candidates to submit their nomination
forms will be one month prior to the annual meeting. We are also working out
a procedure to allow board candidate nominations to be done by email so in
person signature gathering does not need to occur.

For formal notification purposes the board has called an emergency (online)
meeting on Wednesday April 1 at 6pm in order to consider and act on a
resolution to move the annual meeting to a date set by the board, so long as
the annual meeting is held no later that the end of September 2020; and so
long as the new annual meeting date will be set at the June monthly board
meeting or at an emergency board meeting held no later than end of June

The meeting will be held on the Zoom conferencing service. Members may
listen in.

Note that while the resolution to be passed at the emergency meeting will
set a deadline of September for the annual meeting with the specifics to be
officially determined in June, the intention of the board to is hold the
annual meeting in August (a three-month delay.)