Declaration of Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions
To enhance the long-tern benefits of living in this community provisions have been taken to help maintain its continued attractiveness. This introduction is intended to provide you with a general understanding of both the benefits and the expectations associated with owning a home in Cedar Hills.

This community is governed by the Declaration of Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions, or the "CC&R's" which was recorded at the time the community was created. This document is recorded against each lot and, therefore, the owner of each lot is subject to the terms and conditions set forth. The CC&R's establish the community standards for maintaining the homes and surrounding landscaping in addition to prohibited uses or activities. The benefit of living in a community with CC&R's is an attractive environment to live in with strong property values.

To assist in the operation of this community, the CC&R's provided for homeowners to be members of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills. Each owner of a home is a member of the association and pays assessments annually in accordance with the budget. The current assessments are: Base Assessment: $131.00 annually, with street light $152.00 annually.

Some areas within the community have street lights which are owned and maintained by the Homes Association. Homes in street lit areas pay a higher assessment to cover the cost of electricity, maintenance and required reserves for replacement. All street lights were replaced in 2003 and converted to LED 2015.

The CC&R's also provide for architectural control of exterior changes to homes and lots within the Association. In order to assure continued quality of this community and conformance with the restrictions and Board policy, a no cost permit is required for all exterior improvements. Permits are required to be submitted and approved prior to the commencement of any planned improvements. A permit committee comprised of Directors reviews requests for exterior changes to the home such as fencing, storage sheds, painting, roofing, window replacement, decks, spas and the like. Major remodeling and additions must be approved by the full Board of Directors at a monthly meeting. Permit applications can be obtained at the Associations office or downloaded here.  Policies regarding most items requiring permits can be found here.  The office Staff can explain permit requirements if you have any questions.