2017 Annual Meeting Results

2017 Annual Meeting Results

Below are the results of the 71th Annual Meeting of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills. A quorum of 528 is required to conduct an annual meeting, a total of 775 votes (by proxy and ballot) were received.

Resolution Results Below:

Resolution #1:

To amend Article VI to allow for the placement of ground level slabs and decks within the minimum setback from streets subject to the approval in writing by the Association.

Passed with 583 votes "For" and 130 votes "Against"
535 votes would be the necessary 75% of the total votes cast in order to pass the resolution.

Director Results Below:

Director Chris Musolf was re-elected with a total of 583
Director Steve Robinson was re-elected with a total of 566 votes
Director Mark Swan was re-elected with a total of 566 votes