2011 Annual Meeting Results

Below are the results of the 65th Annual Meeting of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills. A quorum of 528 is required to conduct an annual meeting, a total of 889 votes (by proxy and ballot) were received. A resolution is passed when at least 75% of the vote received is in favor.

Director Results Below:

Director Mark Swan was re-elected with a total of 755 votes
Director Steve Lyon was re-elected with a total of 651 votes
Chris Musolf was elected with a total of 531 votes
Randal Bither received 511 votes

Resolution Results Below:

Resolution #1:

To amend Article III (b) by adding additional text allowing not more than three (3) chicken hens per lot kept in an enclosure built in accordance with plans submitted to and approved by the Association in advance. Presently chicken hens are not allowed on properties within the Association.

FAILED with 405 (45.8%) votes "For" and 478 votes "Against"


To amend Article VI by adding a new sub-part “2” that excludes driveways from the minimum side and rear property setback requirements.

PASSED with 714 (83.4%) votes "For" and 142 votes "Against"