2009 Annual Meeting Results

Below is the results of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Homes Association of Cedar Hills. A quorum of 528 is required to conduct an annual meeting, a total of 823 votes ( by proxy and ballot) were received. A resolution is passed when at least 75% of the vote received is in favor.

Director Results Below:

Director Mark Swan was re-elected with a total of 689 votes
Director Steve Lyon was re-elected with a total of 521 votes
Janet Merrell was elected with a total of 670 votes
Bret Stevens received 508 votes

Resolution Results Below:

To amend Article III(g)(5) (A) of the Restrictions governing the placement of garbage cans and recycling containers to allow garbage cans and recycling containers to be brought to the curb the evening before regular collection days.

PASSED with 795 (96.5%) votes "For" and 16 votes "Against"

To amend Article III (g) of the Restrictions to add a new sub-part to provide for the reasonable use of holiday ornamentation on the exterior portion of any dwelling or property site.

PASSED with 650 (78.9%) votes "For" and 127 votes "Against"